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Business CardPunch makes it a snap to attach a business card or gift card to another piece of paper without using clips or staples. This simple tool creates precise die-cut slits for holding business and gift cards in folders, stationery, greeting cards, album pages, and more.

$38.99 USD + FREE shipping

Delivers a perfect punch every time for...

Letters & Resumes

Business CardPunch helps ensure that your cards stay with your correspondence instead of getting misplaced.

Greeting Cards

Business CardPunch turns any greeting card into a tidy holder for a gift card.

Marketing Pieces

Business CardPunch saves you the cost of expensive post-production die-cutting.

It's just this easy.

Here's how to use Business CardPunch to get clean, professional results that look like custom stationery or expensive die-cutting.

$38.99 USD + FREE shipping

All purchases backed by our 100%-satisfaction guarantee.


As an office manager, I see advertising materials everyday. Pieces need to stand out to catch my eye. The CardPunch allows users to add another dimension to their advertising
and marketing efforts.
— William S., Office Manager
B&D Properties
I had considered using this type of marketing tool/attachment method before, but I was concerned about the reliability of the card remaining in place. I decided to try CardPunch and have been very happy with the results of this tool. My card stays in place well and has added to the effectiveness of my marketing materials.
— Michael H., Marketing Manager
Chicago, IL
I don't use my CardPunch everyday, but when I do use it, I couldn't be happier I made the purchase. I would pay even more for this tool, but fortunately I don't have to. Thanks, CardPunch.
— Katie H., Account Executive
Milwaukee, WI

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